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1.  assignments  Course-conference assignments.
2.  conf_has_items  Link items to their containing conferences
3.  confhidden  User wants to hide a conf (not show in conf list)
4.  configuration  Configuration
5.  conforder  Conference order override
6.  confs  Confs
7.  events 
8.  grade_scores  Scores on graded tasks
9.  grade_tasks  Graded tasks
10.  grouprules  List of rule rule definitions for all groups (individual user defined groups, conference groups, manager groups, etc.)
11.  groups  Groups
12.  items  Items
13.  name_cascade  Name Cascade
14.  nums  Numbers
15.  quiz  Quizzes. Each quiz has a unique key (qkey); each row represents a single quiz.
16.  quizanswers  Each problem may have multiple "rows" of answers, e.g. a three-choice multiple-choice problem has 3 rows which define the possible answers.
17.  quizmap  Maps sets of problems to a quiz. This tells us which quizzes "own" or "contain" which problems. Each row relates (connects) one problem to one quiz.
18.  quizproblems  Each problem has a unique key (pkey); each row represents a single problem.
19.  quizscore  Records Takers' scores on problems. One row per Taker/problem/quiz/session combination. (Allows for a single problem to be shared across multiple quizzes, and also for taking a quiz more than once.) .
20.  resps  Responses
21.  resps_seen  How much has each user seen of each item?
22.  site_data  "Variables" about site, conferences, items.
23.  task_cats  Task Categories
24.  task_links  Task-to-Item links
25.  tasks  Tasks
26.  user_columns  Metadata about columns in user_info
27.  user_data  User "variables" that control or modify the actual operation of the software.
28.  user_iface  Which user fields appear in which interface
29.  user_in_conf  When were users in what conferences?
30.  user_info  Basic information about users